ANN (Artificial Neural Network)

After years of software and signals analysis developing, MaGyc has integrated the neural network concept into the MG-ST-100 accompanying software, …

Vision System applied to Brake Disks quality control

Sector: Automotive/brake disk Application: Brake Disk Quality Control: defect detection in the ventilation chamber surface and measurement of 15 quotes …

Numerical Algorithm PRN® into the MG-ST-100

MaGyc has integrated a new specific processing numerical algorithm (PRN®) into the MG-ST-100 accompanying software, aimed at testing parts and …

MaGyc will be present at CRIT

CLIENT/SUPPLIER DAY_16, 4th MAY 2016, look at


“MaGyc, I think, can be a strong partner in both: in terms of competence and in terms of methodologies for your challenges of innovation for improving the quality”

Lucia Chierchia

Open Innovation Manager, Electrolux