ANN (Artificial Neural Network)

After years of software and signals analysis developing, MaGyc has integrated the neural network concept into the MG-ST-100 accompanying software, …

Vision System applied to Brake Disks quality control

Sector: Automotive/brake disk Application: Brake Disk Quality Control: defect detection in the ventilation chamber surface and measurement of 15 quotes …

Numerical Algorithm PRN® into the MG-ST-100

MaGyc has integrated a new specific processing numerical algorithm (PRN®) into the MG-ST-100 accompanying software, aimed at testing parts and …

MaGyc will be present at CRIT

CLIENT/SUPPLIER DAY_16, 4th MAY 2016, look at

“MaGyc, I think, can be a strong partner in both: in terms of competence and in terms of methodologies for your challenges of innovation for improving the quality”

Lucia Chierchia

Open Innovation Manager, Electrolux

MaGyc is the ideal partner to find the best solution to any technical problem.
Great professionalism, experience and wit are peculiarities of MaGyc. Solving a problem is its immediate consequence.

Claudio Ferrari