Non Destructive Testing

NDT technologies

MaGyc operates mainly in the field of “industrial NDT” (Non Destructive Testing). We design, produce and install equipment and machineries to test parts/products with technologies like:

  • Vibration Analysis (our specific system: MG-ST-100)

This video explains the methodology: The vibration characteristics of the part are analyzed; the systems works by comparing the “frequence response” of a part with that of a reference part previously acquired. The test cycle takes only approximately 0,5 sec. The technique is ideal for testing on sintered materials to identify the presence of cracks, voids, bad thermal treatment, working errors, etc.
Among our references: Marposs, Electrolux, Metalsinter, Carbosint, Sinteris, …

  • Ultrasound (our specific system: MG-USPR100)

Our experience is typically in the field of C-Scan analysis, used to localize the presence of cracks or voids inside the material.
Among our references: ABB, Mecof, Khrunichev, FPT, Microelettrica, … 

  • Artificial Vision

We operate normally in harsh environments (dust, limited spaces, …), and perform a real-time analysis of the images, captured by matrix or linear cameras, or even with the aid of endoscopes. We find solutions to most of the applications in which conventional systems do not guarantee the result.
Among our references: Whirlpool, ITW, Mecondor, Lanfranchi, …

MaGyc also has deep knowledge of data acquisition and analysis with non-conventional techniques (neural networks, fuzzy logic, ..)