Welcome to MaGyc!

MaGyc in brief…

MaGyc expertise concerns Non Destructive Testing (NDT) for industrial applications in precision measuring and  detection of mechanical properties of materials: technologies, previously used only in specialized laboratories are offered in industrial easy to use applications with friendly interfaces .

The activity of MaGyc is based on proven experience in major industrial complexes, supported by several cooperations with leading service suppliers from industry and research.

Thanks to its sound and proven competence, MaGyc can offer innovative solutions to any kind of technological problem. MaGyc is the ideal partner for  problem solving in R&D, manufacturing, process control and product quality.

Thanks to a significant background of technological knowledge, increased  within partnerships with leading European research institutions and the most innovative manufacturing industries, MaGyc proposes itself as a real “solution provider”.

APPLICATION: MaGyc products find numerous applications:

  • thickness measurement;
  • surface status control;
  • diagnosis of mechanical components;
  • search for internal defects in metal elements such as the detection of cracks and discontinuities’ internal;
  • testing of bonded joints (glass / metal, ceramics, etc.);
  • verification of composite laminates.

NDTs technologies proposed by MaGyc may find application in integrated automatic control systems or in laboratory.