Problem Solving

Do you have a technical problem of product or process that seems to have a technological contradiction in its use or operation? There are chances that this same contradiction has already been addressed and resolved in other industries or in various technological fields, but you do not have time to consult all the scientific literature and patents registered in the world. 

MaGyc tackles your technological problems using TRIZ, an indispensable method for solving technological contradictions based on the comparative study of the most innovative patents and applying these innovations to a process of analysis of your problem. Fundamental component of the analysis process is to schematize the whole process of cause-effect relations in order to obtain a strict definition of the problem, and then of all the possible ways to obtain the solution. 

MaGyc uses the power of TRIZ not only in the engineering problems in contradictions linked to product development, but also for the resolution and the analysis of failure that have not been resolved by other techniques such as FMEA. TRIZ can also be profitably used in conjunction with other analytical techniques that you perhaps are already using such creative problem solving, brainstorming and Edward DeBono techniques such as Six Hats and Lateral Thinking ™ .

 MaGyc can easily transfer their skills within your organization by organizing at the customer TRIZ sessions aimed at solving specific problems, if necessary, with the help of selected external partners.