The modalities of the hardening of concrete are the subject of study in particular by those who produce additives to accelerate the process or change the characteristics of the finished product


Each “cast” of concrete triggers a hardening process during which it is difficult to monitor the mechanical characteristics of the product. Up to now have been used a penetrometer which, however, provide qualitative information, only representative of the zones accessible and in any case only in the early stages in which it is possible to use them. On MaGyc is asked to finding a solution able to monitor continuously mechanical of concrete or on all phases of hardening and within formwork.


The mode of propagation of pressure waves within a material depends elastic feature of the material itself. By crossing the mold by pressure waves at low frequency, it is possible to monitor the mechanical characteristics of the concrete in its totality. In the initial stages of taking the concrete has a mechanical behavior similar to that of a fluid, in the final stages its mechanical behavior is similar to that of a solid. The mode of propagation of pressure waves are therefore very different from one another and representative of the transformation in place during curing. The parameters detected by the instrumentation and usable for the continuous caretterizzazione of the concrete are the following: Sound pressure, Acoustic impedance, Frequency response (FFT), Speed ​​of propagation.

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