Detection of flaws into brake disc at the end-line with a rapid and innovative system.

The Challenge

The presence of flaws in brake discs may cause its break with serious damage to the vehicle and can be dangerous for the driver. Production of brake disc is extremely fast, so test system must be rapid and able to detect flaws as soon as 2 seconds. It is necessary that brake disc is intact when it is mounted on the vehicle, but most important is that there are no internal defects that could lead to a next rupture. Exist possibility to detect the presence of flaws as inclusions, porosity (including non-surface) in the brake discs, this solution can be used in the production line and cycle time reduced to seconds.


 Starting from the concept that every object is characterized by an infinite number of “vibration modes” which identify its dimensional and elastic feature,it is possible track any type of defect. In fact, similar objects will have the same frequencies, objects that instead have discontinuity or any type of defect, will have different frequencies which are identified by the system through an easy to use interface are visible to the user, in this way, the search for defects requires no bottlenecks in production, the defect has been detected thus contributing to a lower production cost for the company. The big difference of “damping” between the two constituent materials is resolved by performing numerous and repeated testing of each product concerned. The average of the results allows to obtain very reliable judgments of quality. The proposed solution allows to perform 5 repetitions in a total time of 500 ms guaranteeing, in addition to the reliability of the determination made, exceptional speed test.

Project Details

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