It is important find the presence of any flaws in powder metal products also in their pre-sintering stage.

The challenge

 The sintering process, i.d. microfusion of grains of powder metal, allows production of meccanical components at low cost prices. Thesinterization stage is preceded by the stage of pressing of the powder which, if not performed correctly, leads to the disparity in the finished component. Final test of the product is destructive, it consists in taking some piece sinterized, break them and then occurs their quality. If some piece does not good, it is necessary break all products with the same feature. MaGyc give the opportunity to detect the presence of flaws in a little time, without break the product and also in pre-sintering stage.


Every part, product or component has its unique acoustic resonant signature that reflects its composotion, dimensions and hardness; they will change when internal or external changes (defecs) occur. Any deviation from expected signature indicates a variation of the part characteristics or in the manufacturing process. The testing procedure consists of acquiring the sound response of the excited part, transform it in the frequency domain and analyze the characteristics of the main frequencies. The test takes few seconds for each part, allowing cost-effective and efficient quality-control testing of 100% parts in the process line.

Project Details

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