Presence of flaws in nuts and bolts is not always visible so it is necessary tool able to test more piece as possible in few seconds.


 The search for defects in nuts and bolts requires the waste of much time and is not always effective. The production of such objects is carried out quickly and in large quantities, for that reason it is important for companies to be able to have a fast and capable of finding even the internal defects, not visible to the naked eye, but above all it is important to have a system is able to test and measure large amounts of objects in short time.


MaGyc offers an innovative solution able to find an answer to this kind of production require. The assumption is that each object has an infinite number of vibration modes that identify, uniquely its dimensional and elastic feature.Established a single type of constraint (support), identical objects have identical modes of vibration. These vibrations are easily detectable by means of all their natural frequencies. The presence of one or more geometric anomalies, elastic or integrity leads to a variation in the set of natural frequencies of the object which can therefore be easily identified. The solution to the problem is therefore put in vibration in the workpiece using the gravity, i.e. by dropping from a predetermined height on a probe head that the sound and verification its homogeneity or the presence of defects. The solution is easily automated and provides reliable results in few seconds, is also applicable to any product and of any size.

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