Processing of an aluminum plate with large tolerances equal to ± 50μ

 The Challenge

An important aerospace industry was looking for a machine tool able to realize, through cutting of metal, the outer panels of an orbital launch vehicle. The initial plate has dimension of 6×2 metres, thickness of 25 mm and the tolerance allowed on the finished piece is ± 0.05 mm. The challenge has been to be able to measure step by step the thickness of the plate, using a system able to acquire the distribution of thickness of the plate without touch the piece.


Once found the machine tool, MaGyc has developed a technology based on ultrasound capable of providing 250 thickness data per second and without touching the part. The trasmission of the ultrasound signal is obtained through a jet of liquid, which in this case was a coolant, moved in close proximity to the workpiece. Liquids as solids are permeable to ultrasound allowing the passage inside them. The collected data of the plate are associated with the xy position of the point where the measurement was carried out, allowing to reconstruct point by point, the actual geometry of the workpiece. With this technology we can obtain a measurement precision of + / – 0.01 mm. The system is fully integrated with the Axis Control of the machine tool, allowing to the user to cycle processing and measurement through a single interface. Even the interface has been entirely accomplished MaGyc. The system used by MaGyc is based on the technology of “flight time”

Project Details

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