FRF Analysis: a quick and cost effective way to detect the presence of defects. The analysis based on the vibrational characteristics of the product, is used to verify voids, cracks, geometry defect, porosities, incorrect heat treatment, density or weight variation, machining errors in many different types of products and components.

The most evident advantages of the application of this technique:

  • The cost is significantly lower compared to other control techniques;
  • The test time may be as short as 0,5 sec.;
  • It can be applied at the end of the production line..

FRF Analysis

Every component has its unique acoustic resonant signature that reflects its composition, dimensions and stiffness. The resonant frequencies are almost exactly the same from good part to part, however they will change when internal or external changes occur. Any deviation from the expected signature indicates a variation of the part characteristics or a change in its manufacturing process.

How FRF Analysis works

  • The piece is excited to vibrate by dropping or impact;
  • A microphone captures the sound;
  • Learning with an adequate number of good pieces, a unique signature is generated;
  • A not good piece reveals deviations from the good one signature.

What MAGYC can do

Verification of voids, cracks, debondings, geometry or density variations, different material properties or manufacturing process deviations, porosity, incorrect heat treatments, machine errors.

Sector of application

FRF Technology are successfully used on brake components (disks, drums, calipers, pads, knuckles etc), powder metals (sintered, MIM’s), ceramics, castings, forgings, aluminum foundry, moulded materials, clay and in many other industrial sectors where a resonance analysis is applicable.

Some of the most relevant MAGYC numbers

• Safety components of more than 4 millions cars is assured by MaGyc technology.

• 100% of some critical Audi engines components work safely thanks to MaGyc vibration tests.

• 100% BMW seat locks are tested with our systems.

FRF Technology

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