IBT – Industrial Brake Tester

Vibration Technology

The IBT Industrial Brake Tester is designed to provide a quick, full automated and cost-effective industrial NDT analysis of rotors.
Brake rotors are received from the production line and analyzed and, according to the test result, are sent to the next production step or moved to the scrap buffer.

The heart of IBT is the MG-ST-100 technology, based on the principle of acoustic signature, which provides the right solution for quality inspection and for dynamic measurements of parts.
The IBT is interconnected with the brake disk production line and is completely automatic.

Every part, product or component has its unique acoustic resonant signature that reflects its composition, dimensions and stiffness. The resonant frequencies (eigen-frequencies) are almost exactly the same from good part to part; however they will change when internal or external changes occur. Any deviation from the expected signatures indicates a variation of part characteristics or in manufacturing process.

The testing procedure consists of acquiring the vibration of the excited part and analyzing a predefined set of selected frequencies. The entire test cycle takes less than 10 second for each rotor, allowing cost-effective and efficient quality control.