MAGYC products are made of ideas. The business model is made of continuous customization and each solution is analysis and design.

Magyc has been created in 2001 starting from a long professional track record of its founders, researchers since the nineties at the European Joint Research Centre and at R&D Departments of renowned multi- national companies.

Problem analysis and feasibility study, with modelling and detailed tests on actual samples – good and defective.
Solution design, mostly by innovative application of methods, techniques and technologies from very different technical fields.
Thanks to its sound and proven competence, MaGyc can offer innovative solutions to any kind of technological problem.

MaGyc is the ideal partner for  problem solving in R&D, manufacturing, process control and product quality.

Thanks to a significant background of technological knowledge, increased  within partnerships with leading European research institutions and the most innovative manufacturing industries, MaGyc proposes itself as a real “solution provider”.

More than 20 years of experience dedicated to continuous innovation of products and processes, quality control, problem analysis, solution design. Today, every single person in MAGYC shares the same mind setting: every situation is a challenge for which a unique solution can be found.

Analysis, thought and a single solution to a single problem. Every situation, a challenge to which the only solution can be found. This is the approach. This is the promise.


  • The production: a complex system always improvable.
  • The challenges: they always exist in production, also if unknown.
    They must be understood, foreseen, controlled and solved directly on the production line. This is the only way to obtain a continuous innovation.
  • The absolute solution: for a single problem, a single solution.
  • The method: analysis, problem identification, feasibility study, system modelling, solution design, application of different technologies know-how.
  • The mission: a single solution with a specific approach.
  • Benefits: efficiency, quality, risk reduction, resources optimization and brand awareness.


  • Feasibility study with preliminary laboratory tests on defective and non-defective product samples;
  • Diagnosis through control solutions for problem identification;
  • Benchmarking by modeling the problem and evaluating all possible solutions, also in other fields of application;
  • Conception of hypothesis on the best solution and its verification.

The techniques used in this process are: Artificial Vision, UltraSound Analysis, FRF analysis, LabView programming, TRIZ.



it is a complex system,
continuously improvable,
not without contradictions and
problems that must be foreseen,
understood, controlled and solved.



identify the problem by analysis,
system description, inspiration
from different application fields,



an alchemy of innovation and information
to design the absolute solution, imagine
the yet inexistent, governing changes.
Effectiveness, efficiency, quality,
optimization of resourses.