MSS Immersion Tank

The new MaGyc  Ultrasound Immersion Tank , ultrasonic scanning system, offers customers an “off the shelf” solution that combines an immersion tank with a large scan capacity, high performance ultrasonics, and superior data acquisition software.

The Immersion Tank base system includes a heavy-duty acrylic immersion tank, motorized X and Y Axes, manual Z Axis, motion control electronics, computer equipment, instrument control and imaging software. As an option, customer can specify ultrasonic instrumentation.

The  Immersion Tank  utilizes brushless DC motor technology with an
integrated servo position controller and synchronized data acquisition.


  • E-stop on the scanner assembly.
  • Limit switches on all motorized linear axes.


  • Bi-direction and uni-directional modes.
  • Absolute home position.
  • PC controlled motion parameters.