PBT – Industrial Brake Pads Scanner

Laser Scan 3D Technology

The Industrial Brake Pads Scanner is an industrial solution designed to provide the 3D dimensional control of brake pads. The heart of the machine is Laser Scanner technology that works on the principle of triangulation. Solutions offer a complete range of tools for advanced image analysis for surface control and dimensions measurement.

MaGyc image processing applications are based on proprietary software which runs on standard industrial PC with Linux or Windows operating systems.
Powerful software tools build the exact mathematical 3D model of each product in production line and compare it with the reference one previously defined.

Any difference detected by the system is magnified and used to classify the product according to customer’s needs. All data collected from bad products is stored in a local database open to any company SPC Software.

The test cycle takes less than 5 seconds for a 100 mm length pad, allowing a cost-effective and efficient quality control. The system detects all geometric and surface characteristics of every product in your production line.