Remove protective film of aesthetic surfaces such as plates pre-coated can be problematic in those cases where the sheet has undercuts or inserts already fitted


The challenge

Aesthestic sheets such those used for electrodomestic tools are coated with a plastic film (peelable) which protects surface during working and freight phasesof final product. The protective film is take off by the consumer that can see all aesthetic features of the product. The removal can be difficult because the sheets are assembled together, and there is the possible presence of parts undercuts or hidden parts.The difficulty lies in the presence of inserts such as push buttons and indicator lights which, with their presence, hinder the complete removal of the plastic film. MaGyc has been engaged to find the way to carve the protective film in specific parts without damage the aesthetic surface; has also been asked if this possibility could also be used on surfaces “anti fingerprints”, which are made from a polymer deposition on stainless steel plates.

The solution

The solution proposed by MaGyc implies the engraving of the protective film, this engrave can be realized in different way (optical, mechanical, etc.), but according to quality, speed and cost needs, the better solution is the mechanical one. The results are surprising for both the aesthetic final quality, both for the speed of execution and the costs of equipment. Cutting speed: 300 mm / sec, Maximum cutting speed on the straight section: 450 mm / sec, Minimum radius of the curved path: 2mm, For use on stainless steel anti-fingerprints? Yes

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