Search defects by laser scanning of the toothed profile.


The challenge

Current gear production test procedures take place in “Gear Measuring Centers” in two phases:

  • a first stage is carried out upfront, to verify that the profile of the tooth has been correctly produced
  • downstream of the production phase, by means of a master gear, the control of the toothed is carried out, to bring out the constructive differences. This second operation takes place on the whole production batch.

No check is performed on other defects (dents, surface defects, geometric defects, differences in materials). These will assume great importance particularly in the automotive sector, whose trend is towards BEV’s (Battery Electric Vehicles), silent by definition.

The solution

The solution developed allows to perform both operations on a single system, and to obtain verification in addition to any other defects present on the piece (dents, geometric defects, differences in materials, surface defects).
The process is based on the reconstruction of the surface by means of 3D laser scanning of the piece.
Control is through the matching of the tooth with a predefined profile, and with the subsequent application of image filters that allow to enhance the defect and highlight it.

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