An innovative and competitive approach for the detection of defects at the end-line


The challenge

The break of a clutch plate can be a serious problem and it may be cause of the block out of the vehicle. This component is for this reason very important both the manufacturer and the customer. The clutch plate is made with ferrous material (cast iron) worked mechanically in order to ensure the necessary dimensional tolerances. The original fusion, but also the subsequent machining, may be cause of flaws (as cracks, voids, discontinuities etc..) visible and detectable only with complex and expensive methods such as X-ray. MAGYC has thought a solution cost effective able to detect the presence of flaws in a few seconds.

The solution

Every part, product or component has its unique acoustic resonant signature that reflects its composotion, dimensions and hardness; they will change when internal or external changes (defecs) occur. Any deviation from expected signature indicates a variation of the part characteristics or in the manufacturing process. The testing procedure consists of acquiring the sound response of the excited part, transform it in the frequency domain and analyze the characteristics of the main frequencies. The test takes few secondsper part, allowing cost-effective and efficient quality-control testing of 100% parts in the process line.

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