Digital Pulser

Model USPS-100 is an innovative instrument that marks a new era in ultrasonic NDT analysis. Ideally suited for almost every ultrasonic application, the instrument is designed to give the highest performance combining excellent hardware characteristics with flexible software tools. USPS-100 is fully compatible with any type of element transducer.


  • Thickness Gauge: SW Tool for single and multilayer
  • thickness measurement
  • Flaw Detector: SW Tool for defect identification and measurement. Unlimited Gates
  • C-Scan: Flaw Detection SW Tool with X-Y encoder man- agement
  • Material Analysis: SW Tool for Young Modulus and Pois- son’s Ratio measurement
  • Custom: MaGyc can provide the best solution for any special customer needs


  • Additional UT channel: Additional Channel for Ultra-sound Probes for a full 2 channels instrument
  • Encoder inputs: 2 inputs for differential incremental en- coders (5V TTL)
  • Digital Output: 8 digital outputs Multiplexer: Up to 16-Channel multiplexer
  • External Trigger Input & Output: External hardware syn- chronization
  • High Voltage Pulser: standard: -500V, option:-1000 V pulse